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  • 7am – 6pm €90 + Vat per hour or part of. Once over 1 hour each 15 minutes or part of €22.50 + Vat
  • 6pm- Midnight €120 + Vat or part of. Once over 1 hour each 15 Minutes or part of €30 + Vat
  • Midnight -7am €150 + V.A.T. or part of. Once over an hour each 15 minutes or part of €37.50 + Vat

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Emergency Plumber

 Emergency Plumbing provides an affordable and reliable plumbing service to clients in and around Dublin and throughout the surrounding boroughs. Plumbing problems can be a real pain. Luckily can come to the rescue in your time of need. If you have water coming from the ceiling then you want a plumber to show up fast, stop the leak, diagnose the problem and repair it permanently. The service provided by is second to none. Offering an after hours service as standard and weekend callouts gives the kind of service you need in an emergency or when you simply cannot wait.

True 24Hr Emergency Plumber we offer a true 24 hour emergency plumber Dublin service for all those after hours calls. We can have a plumber at your home usually within 30 minutes. We can stop the leak and give you peace of mind aswell as reducing the potential damage caused by water running uncontrolled through your home or business. Water damage can cost a lot to repair later and, stopping it quickly reduces these costs in the long run. We also do calls for work that simply cannot wait. 

Plumbers at Night

Perhaps you have experienced this type of 24 hour service where you phone late at night and you get to speak to an answer phone and not a real person. ... If you need an emergency plumber in Dublin, please call our emergency freephone number, 1800 938 808 for a fast, reliable heating and plumbing service in Dublin.

Emergency Plumbing

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